Health Incentives through Corporate Wellness Seminars 

Kim's nutrition education lectures and seminars lead to increased productivity and decreased spending for your company.


Cancer, heart disease and obesity are leading killers in the United States. The studies show that 70% of illness can be contributed to diet and lifestyle.  Nearly 65% of all employees will have a gastrointestinal procedure at an average cost of $2500.  Anesthesia services alone doubled from 2003 to 2009.  Nearly 50% of all employees are diabetic or pre-diabetic. Each emergency room visit caused by a diabetic episode costs $20,000. The current obesity epidemic is another growing problem for the health care industry and corporations that contribute to insurance. Adult obesity rates have doubled since 1980, from 15% to 30%, while childhood obesity rates have more than tripled. Rising obesity rates have significant health consequences, contributing to increased rates of more than 30 serious diseases.  Many health care costs are now related to obesity. “The Trust for America’s Health (TFAH) and Micro Health Simulations conducted an analysis to examine how much the United States could save in health care costs if obesity rates were reduced by five percent. The analysis found that the country could save $29.8 billion in five years, $158.1 billion in 10 years and $611.7 billion in 20 years.”


Personal heath care is based on belief systems combined with daily habits.  Corporate wellness lectures teach employees useful tips to help navigate the world of workplace meals, meetings and travel in order to stay on a healthy course.  Visual and audio nutrition education imprints informative tools to navigate the world of disease prevention.  Nutrition education through corporate health seminars allows one to make educated decisions when it comes to choosing foods and supplements.


Healthy habits are behavior-based.  Nutritional seminars and lectures in the corporate wellness arena are a logical incentive for workers to adopt these habits.  A healthy diet and exercise program creates a more productive and happy employee.  Every sick day taken by workers is money lost for the company and an additional cost for the employer.


The benefits of corporate wellness seminars lead to new information and a new approach to personal wellness.  These benefits include increased energy, improved mental clarity,  increased morale, increased productivity, less sick days out of the office, fewer hospital visits, and less health related emergencies.


Nutrition education seminars and workshops benefit both the employee and employer. In order to achieve optimal performance in the workplace, nutritional health and wellness talks incentivize employees to make educated decisions about what they choose to put into their bodies.  Incentives tied to nutrition through educational seminars can deliver cost reductions, reduce hospital admissions, and reduce risk factors associated with high-cost diseases.

*A comrehensive list of nationwide and international clients includng media outlets, banks, Fortune 500 companies, law firms, universities and spas with whom I work is available upon request. 

*Current clients include: 

NYU Fertility Center

Forest City Enterprises Inc.

Fortress Investment Group LLC

Rockefeller University

Lincoln Healthcare

Valinor Management    

Lake Austin Spa

Rancho La Puerta Spa

Deerfield Spa